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Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

That awkward moment in which you are running and in your head, you see yourself as Rob Dougan running through the streets like in the Clubbed to Death video, even with the music in the background, but in reality, people… Continue Reading →

El Idiota (1976)

While I was wandering through YouTube, looking for any Dostoievski audiobook I found this gem. It’s the Spanish adaptation for TV of one of the Dostoievski’s masterpieces, “The Idiot”, or “El Idiota” in Spanish. “El Idiota” was a TV series… Continue Reading →

Me A to Z

Taken from Me A to Z A   If you were an ANIMAL, what would you be? I think I would be a dog, although I can’t say what breed would I be. B   BOOKS: What’s on your reading list? Not… Continue Reading →

Walking like John Wayne

So the other day, after several weeks of hard training and as a natural consequence, a much better flexibility, I decided to try the Spagat split. After being a few centimeters close to the ground, I finally reached the floor…. Continue Reading →

Rob Dougan – Furious Angels

“Furious Angels” or “How to fall and still manage to look classy” Rob Dougan, what can I say? Definitely one of the best composers I have listened to in my whole life. His album “Furious Angels” has been the only… Continue Reading →

Georges St-Pierre: The Way of the Fight

I’ve decided to come back with my blog, after years of not posting anything, well, actually I had deleted it all a few years ago, but before deleting it all, I made a backup and could recover the same domain, … Continue Reading →

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